Victoria Stitch and Nanny Evelina

I have always loved creating 3D versions of my characters. I couldn’t resist to make a tiny version of Nanny Evelina from my book Victoria Stitch Bad and Glittering. Here she is with Victoria Stitch in the book illustration.

Nanny Evelina and Victoria Stitch

And here is the little model of her that I made! Her head is made from modelling clay, her hair from merino wool and her body is made from pipe cleaners! She now sits in a glass dome on a shelf in my house.

Nanny Evelina 3D model

Interestingly, with Nanny Evelina, I actually made the doll first and then the illustration came afterwards! One day I hope to make a whole miniature wiskling tree house!

Nanny Evelina 3D model

You can see another of my 3D makes in my post about my Isadora Moon kitchen set.