Books by Harriet Muncaster

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Victoria Stitch series

Harriet has dreamed about publishing a book with her gothic and spiky character, Victoria Stitch for over ten years. She’s finally here in Harriet’s debut middle-grade trilogy recommended for readers aged 9-12!

Victoria Stitch: Dark and Sparkling

Victoria Stitch Dark and Sparkling cover

Published September 2023 (UK)

‘It had been so long since Victoria Stitch had done anything dangerous . . . And she would need dangerous and forbidden magic for an adventure like this . . .’

Victoria Stitch is finally Queen of Wiskling Wood, along with her sister Celestine. She is also proud aunt to Princess Minnie Stitch-diamond baby and next in line to the throne. When old enemies resurface and kidnap Minnie, Victoria Stitch is intent on revenge. It’s time for her to ride again and remind these Wisklings that Victoria Stitch is undeniable, incredible, and almost certainly unstoppable.

Victoria Stitch: Free and Famous

Victoria Stitch Free and Famous cover

Published February 2022 (UK)

‘I want to be me! The glorious glittering me . . . People like me here Celestine! They adore me!’

Victoria Stitch has escaped from the confines of Wiskling Wood and flown into the human world. Here, she breaks the most sacred of all wiskling laws and speaks to a human.

Where she is feared and disgraced in Wiskling Wood, she is adored and revered in the human world. But the net is closing in. There are wisklings who would like to end Victoria Stitch’s famous reign in the human world for good.

Fun fact: when Harriet was at university in 2010, she created a picture book for her final project all about Victoria Stitch. She recreated a new version of that original picture book as a bonus at the end of Victoria Stitch: Free and Famous!

Victoria Stitch: Bad and Glittering

Victoria Stich: Bad and Glittering front cover

Published September 2020 (UK)

‘The crystal keeper gazed around him at the shards of impure crystal, glittering furiously on the floor, and shivered with a terrible sense of foreboding.’

Twins, Victoria Stitch and Celestine, are denied their royal birth-right. Celestine accepts the decision with good grace, but Victoria Stitch is consumed with her obsession for power. The twins are like moonlight and sunshine – could it be possible to break free of the role you have been given, rewrite your story, and change your own destiny?

Fun fact: Harriet spent years developing the world of Wiskling Wood before she created this book!

Isadora Moon series

Half vampire, half fairy, totally unique, Isadora Moon is special because she is different. Her mum is a fairy and her dad is a vampire and Isadora is a bit of both. She loves the night, bats, and the colour black, but she also loves the outdoors, using her magic wand, and the colour pink. With her magicked-to-life stuffed Pink Rabbit, join her on her adventures as she meets wizards, mermaids, ghosts, and dragons!

The Isadora Moon books have sold over 5 million copies worldwide and are available in more than 30 languages. Isadora Moon audiobooks have been produced by Bolinda.

These books can be read in any order. For more advice on reading order, read this blog post.

Isadora Moon Makes a Wish

Coming October 2024 (UK)

When Isadora discovers a wishing well, the mischievous nymph who lives inside grants her the wish of constant happiness. But being happy all the time isn’t quite as enjoyable as Isadora expects. Can Isadora convince the nymph to undo the wish, and allow her to feel all of her feelings again?

Isadora Moon: Sunny Days Activity Book

First Published June 2024 (Softcover, UK)

Packed with 50 fun activities, this book is a school holiday essential for all fans of the bestselling Isadora Moon series.

(Note: Not to be confused with Isadora Moon: The Summer Fun Activity Book, listed below!)

Isadora Moon Helps Out

First published March 2024 (UK)

When Isadora’s mum comes down with the fairy flu, Isadora wants to be the best nurse that she can be. Determined to make her mum feel better, she sets off on a series of helpful gestures. But when Isadora’s attempts at magic go awry, she accidentally causes baby sister Honeyblossom to grow to giant proportions! Can she find a cure before the situation gets even bigger?

Isadora Moon and the Frost Festival

First Published October 2023 (Hardcover, UK); June 2024 (Softcover, UK)

Isadora and her family are visiting the Frost Festival, a huge celebration of the winter fairies! There’s ice skating, fairground rides, gingerbread houses and lots of delicious fairy hot chocolate. It’s magical!

But in the hustle and bustle Isadora gets separated from both her family and Pink Rabbit. Can she find them before the grand fairy lights are switched on?

Isadora Moon: The Winter Sparkle Activity BookIsadora Moon the Winter Sparkle Activity Book cover

Published September 2023 (UK)

Bursting with 50 more winter activities, including puzzles, colouring-in and memory games, for hours of spellbinding fun!

Based on the world of Isadora Moon, everyone’s favourite half fairy, half vampire – perfect for those who enjoy their magic and sparkle with a bite!

(Note: Not to be confused with Isadora Moon: The Winter Magic Activity Book, listed below!)

Isadora Moon: The Summer Fun Activity Book

Isadora Moon the Summer Fun Activity Book CoverFirst Published June 2023 (Softcover, UK)

This enchanting summer activity book is perfect for fans of the bestselling Isadora Moon series. Packed with colouring in, search-and-find, simple maths puzzles and much more, this book is a school holiday essential. underwater adventure!

Isadora Moon and the New GirlIsadora Moon and the New Girl cover

Published March 2023 (UK)

Isadora Moon is special because she’s different. Her mum is a fairy, her dad is a vampire, and she’s a bit of both.
When a new girl, Ava, joins her class, Isadora is keen to make friends. But Ava’s not interested. She’d much rather be back at her old school, with her old friends, who are much more fun to play with.
Isadora’s classmates are happy to leave Ava on her own since she clearly doesn’t like them, but Isadora figures out that there’s something more going on beneath Ava’s unfriendly surface.
Can Isadora help Ava to let her guard down, and give her new school a chance?
A magical story about the power of kindness, inclusivity, and friendship.

Isadora Moon Under the Sea

Isadora Moon Under the Sea coverFirst Published October 2022 (Hardcover, UK); June 2023 (Softcover, UK)

Isadora has been invited to a sleepover, which is always fun, but this time it’s even more exciting because she will be staying at her mermaid friend’s house under the sea!
It’s so much fun spending time with her watery friends, but while she’s there Isadora meets a mermaid called Emerald who doesn’t seem to be having such a nice time.
In the middle of the night, when everyone else is fast asleep, Emerald finally reveals to Isadora what has been troubling her. Can Isadora help Emerald sort out her problem? It’s the beginning of an amazing underwater adventure!

Fun fact: this is the first time we meet the mermaid Emerald, who has gone on to have her own spin-off series! This book also features a return of the mermaids Marina and Princess Delphina!

Isadora Moon: The Winter Magic Activity BookIsadora Moon the Winter Activity Book cover

First Published September 2022 (UK)

Bursting with 50 magical winter activities, including puzzles, colouring-in and look-and-find, for hours of spellbinding fun!

Based on the world of Isadora Moon, everyone’s favourite half fairy, half vampire – perfect for those who enjoy their magic and sparkle with a bite!

Isadora Moon Gets the Magic Pox

Isadora Moon Gets the Magic Pox coverFirst Published March 2022 (UK)

When Isadora’s teacher announces the class are having a maths test on Monday, Isadora gets a nervous feeling in her tummy. She really doesn’t like tests . . . or maths!
Maybe, Isadora could pretend to be ill so she can stay at home instead? Isadora calls her naughty cousin Mirabelle for help and she gives her a spell that will help Isadora get out of the test.
To Isadora’s delight, it works! But between a potion mishap and magic pox fluffballs bouncing around all over the place, Isadora starts feeling a bit guilty. Luckily, her mum is on hand to help set things right and together they come up with a new, magical way to say goodbye to the magic pox and even make revising for the maths test fun!

Isadora Moon and the Shooting Star Isadora Moon and the Shooting Star cover

First Published September 2021 (Hardcover, UK); June 2022 (Softcover, UK)

Isadora is observing the night sky for a school project – her class is learning everything about space and she decides to look at the stars for inspiration.
But wait, what is that? Through the telescope, Isadora spots a shooting star that falls to Earth! After courageously finding the place where the star landed, Isadora discovers a new twinkling friend. Her name is Nova, she is a Glow Sprite and she is not supposed to be there. Even worse, Nova’s moon kitten Pluto is lost and she needs Isadora’s help to find him. Between magical campfires, space lessons, moon cheese and a glowing sleepover, Isadora will need to use all her wits to help Nova find Pluto before her new friend has to fly back to the stars.

Isadora Moon Meets the Tooth Fairy

Isadora Moon Meets the Tooth Fairy cover

First Published March 2021 (UK)

Isadora has a wobbly tooth and her mum and dad are more excited about it than she is! Her vampire dad can’t wait to take her to the vampire dentist and have her special little fang framed. Her mum wants Isadora to leave the tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy.
Isadora isn’t sure what to do until one night, she meets a very special, magical mouse called Mignonette.
With Mignonette’s help, Isadora will make her own new tradition. A totally unique tradition for the totally unique Isadora!

Isadora Moon Goes to a Wedding

Isadora Moon Goes to a Wedding front cover

First Published September 2020 (Hardcover, UK); June 2021 (Softcover, UK)

Isadora is going to be a bridesmaid at her aunt’s wedding, and she’s SO excited! The dress. The flowers. The cake!
But, oh no, where has Baby Honeyblossom gone?
Can Isadora make sure there’s a happy ending to the big day. . . ?

Fun fact: This is one of Harriet Muncaster’s personal favourite Isadora Moon books. Why? Because Isadora, Mirabelle and Honeyblossom shrink to miniature size! Can you remember any other times Mirabelle has used a shrinking potion?

Isadora Moon Goes on Holiday

Isadora Moon Goes on Holiday Cover

First Published March 2020 (UK)

When Isadora wins an amazing holiday for her whole family she’s ready for sun, sea, and sand! But there’s work to be done when she and her mermaid friend Marina discover a baby turtle in trouble. Can Isadora help the turtle find a way home?

Isadora Moon Puts on a ShowIsadora Moon Puts on a Show cover

First Published September 2019 (Hardcover, UK); June 2020 (Softcover, UK)

It’s almost time for the vampire ball, and Isadora can’t wait! There’s just one problem: she’s got to compete in a talent show with the other vampire children. Isadora’s talents aren’t very vampire-y, what if the audience laugh at her? The show must go on, but will Isadora be brave enough to perform. . . ?

ISADORA_MOON_HAS_A_SLEEPOVERIsadora Moon Has a Sleepover

First Published March 2019 (UK)

When Isadora is invited to stay at her friend Zoe’s house she’s so excited – she hasn’t been to a sleepover before! There will be midnight feasts, and staying up all night, it’s going to be so much fun!

And while she’s there, Isadora and Zoe are going to work on their cake for a baking competition at school. But will they be able to resist adding a sprinkling of magic to their creation. . . ?

Isadora Moon Makes Winter Magic Cover

Isadora Moon Makes Winter Magic

First Published September 2018 (Hardcover, UK); October 2019 (Softcover, UK)

Isadora loves playing in the snow, especially when her creations come to life!
But snow magic can’t last forever. Will she be able to save her new friends before they melt away?

Fun fact: this was the first Isadora Moon book to be published in hardcover!

Isadora Moon Goes to the FairIsadora Moon Goes to the Fair cover

First Published March 2018 (UK)

Isadora is excited for her first ever trip to the fun fair, but when she arrives it’s not quite as magical as she expected. Luckily, her cousin Mirabelle has a plan to make the fairground rides extra special. What could possibly go wrong?

Isadora Moon goes on a school trip cover

Isadora Moon Goes on a School Trip

First Published September 2017 (UK)

Isadora’s class are going on a school trip to an old castle. The castle’s a little bit spooky and it doesn’t help that there’s thunder and lightning outside. While Isadora investigates the castle dungeon she discovers a surprising new friend. He’s a little different, like her, so Isadora’s going to have to try and find a way of introducing him to her friends without them getting too much of a shock. 

Isadora Moon Gets in Trouble

First Published May 2017 (UK)

When Isadora’s cousin, Mirabelle, comes to stay, Isadora is really excited. Mirabelle, who is a witch, is older than Isadora and always has the best ideas for things to do. So when she suggests that instead of taking Pink Rabbit Isadora should take a dragon to ‘Bring Your Pet to School Day’, Isadora ignores her worries and goes along with the plan.  But looking after a dragon turns out to be a little bit harder than the pair of them expect . . .

Fun fact: This is the first book in which Isadora’s naughty witch fairy Mirabelle is introduced! Mirabelle has gone on to star in her own spin-off series!

Isadora Moon Goes to the Ballet Cover

Isadora Moon Goes to the Ballet

First Published September 2016 (UK)

When her mum and dad come along on a school trip to the ballet, Isadora worries that they might not be like normal mums and dads. But she has even bigger problems when Pink Rabbit goes missing. Will she be able to find him before the curtain rises?

Isadora Moon has a Birthday cover

Isadora Moon Has a Birthday

First Published September 2016 (UK)

Isadora loves going to human birthday parties, and now is going to have one of her own! But with her mum and dad organizing things, it’s not going to be like the parties she’s been to before . . .

Fun fact: This is the first time Isadora Moon’s cousin, and Mirabelle’s brother, Wilbur appears!

Isadora Moon Goes Camping cover

Isadora Moon Goes Camping

First Published September 2016 (UK)

Half vampire, half fairy, totally unique! Isadora Moon is special because she is different. Her mum is a fairy and her dad is a vampire and Isadora is a bit of both. So when they all go camping at the seaside some things might happen that are not quite normal . . .
From roasting marshmallows on a campfire to making friends with a mermaid – special things happen when Isadora’s around!

Fun fact: ‘Mermaid Bay Campsite’ is partly based on the campsite and beach in North Cornwall where Harriet used to stay for childhood summer holidays!

Isadora Moon Goes to School cover

Isadora Moon Goes to School

First Published September 2016 (UK)

Half vampire, half fairy, totally unique! Isadora Moon is special because she is different. Her mum is a fairy and her dad is a vampire and Isadora is a bit of both. She loves the night, bats, and the colour black, but she also loves the outdoors, using her magic wand, and the colour pink. When it’s time for Isadora to start school she’s not sure where she belongs – vampire school or fairy school?

Fun fact: Harriet created the design of Isadora Moon’s character before she had a story for her, and all she knew at first was that Isadora would be half vampire and half fairy. When Harriet asked her husband what sort of story might work this character, he suggested Isadora might not be sure whether she should go to vampire school or fairy school!

Mirabelle series

Half witch, half fairy, totally naughty! Mirabelle is Isadora Moon’s cousin, who we first meet in Isadora Moon Gets in Trouble.

Mirabelle and the Baby Dragons

Coming September 2024 (Softcover, UK)

When Mirabelle and her family are invited to spend some time at a dragon sanctuary, Mirabelle cannot wait to get stuck in and show off everything she knows. But she’s about to find out that she’s not quite the dragon expert she believes herself to be . . .

Mirabelle and the Picnic Pranks

Comin July 2024 (UK)

When Mirabelle plays too many pranks and isn’t allowed at her parents’ picnic party, she has a brilliant idea: she’ll take a shrinking potion, so she’ll be too tiny for anyone to see! But Mirabelle discovers that the garden is a little more dangerous when you’re no taller than a blade of grass. Has the mischief gone too far this time . . . ?

Mirabelle and the Midnight Feast

First Published February 2024 (Softcover, UK)

Mirabelle is having a sleepover at her best friend Carlotta’s house, and the pair have been told they are absolutely not allowed to go in big sister Edith’s bedroom. Surely a little look can’t hurt, so they decide to sneak in when Edith goes out. But while exploring, they accidentally break one of Edith’s treasured possessions. Mirabelle and Carlotta are going to be in big trouble if Edith finds out. What are they going to do?

Mirabelle and the Haunted HouseMirabelle and the Haunted House cover

First Published October 2023 (Hardcover, UK); April 2024 (Softcover, UK)

When Mirabelle’s pet dragon Violet goes missing in the woods, the sensible thing to do would be for Mirabelle and her brother, Wilbur, to stick together to look for her in the creepy abandoned cottage she disappears into. But the two just can’t get along, and Mirabelle gets so cross that she says she wishes Wilbur would just disappear. She doesn’t mean for it to actually happen though!

Can she sort things out and get Wilbur to come back? Thankfully help is on hand, as the cottage isn’t quite as abandoned as it first appears. . .

Fun fact: the hardcover edition of this book features a glow-in-the-dark ghost!

Mirabelle Wants to WinMirabelle Wants to Win cover

First Published July 2023 (UK)

A big football star is coming to Mirabelle’s school to watch them play, and Mirabelle is determined to impress her. With a sprinkling of magic on her shoes, and a little bit of potion on the ball, she’s bound to be the best!
But things don’t quite go to plan, and with flying footballs, out-of-control shoes, and upset teammates, Mirabelle’s dreams of glory don’t look like they’re about to come true.
Can Mirabelle discover that there’s more than one way to feel like a winner?

Mirabelle Takes Charge cover

Mirabelle Takes Charge

First Published February 2023 (UK)

Mirabelle is desperate for a brand-new pair of magical roller skates, but Mum and Dad say she’s got to earn the money to pay for them herself. Earning money sounds tricky-how’s she going to do it? Of course! She’ll set up a business. But a business doing what. . . ?
She has a go at dog-walking, but things get a little bit out of hand. And when ‘things getting out of hand’ include the dogs’ leads, that’s not good for business. Maybe something that keeps still would be easier. Something like making and selling enchanted charm bracelets!
Can Mirabelle make a success of her get-rich-quick schemes? Or will being the boss end up being more trouble than it’s worth?

Mirabelle and the Magical MayhemMirabelle and the Magical Mayhem cover

First Published September 2022 (Hardcover, UK); April 2023 (Softcover, UK)

Mirabelle doesn’t mean to cause trouble, it just seems to follow her round. But when she and her brother go to stay at their fairy grandparents she is determined that nothing will go wrong, and she is going to be on her very best, most fairy-like, behaviour.

But being good all the time is really tiring. And a little bit of mess leads to a little bit of secret witch magic, which leads to even more mess, and even more magic, until everything is in total chaos! Can Mirabelle get the mayhem under control before Granny finds out?

Mirabelle and the Naughty Bat Kittens cover

Mirabelle and the Naughty Bat Kittens

First Published July 2022 (UK)

Mirabelle and her class are going on a school trip to a magical-creature sanctuary, and Mirabelle can’t wait! Even being partnered with annoying goody-two-shoes Lavinia can’t ruin her day.
But when she accidentally lets the bittens (part bat, part kitten, totally adorable, slightly fierce) out of their enclosure their day becomes a bit more complicated.
Can Lavinia help Mirabelle stay out of trouble? And can Mirabelle show Lavinia that maybe some things are worth getting in trouble for. . . ?

Mirabelle in Double Trouble Mirabelle in Double Trouble

Coming February 2022 (UK)

Mirabelle is looking forward to her family holiday to a fancy witch resort, but when she makes a new friend and meets her match in the mischief stakes, she finds herself in a heap of trouble . . . with dragons involved!
Will Mirabelle’s family believe that Mirabelle is (mostly) innocent this time or is it just a case of double the trouble?

Mirabelle Has a Bad Day Cover Small

Mirabelle Has a Bad Day

First Published July 2021 (UK)

Mirabelle is having a BAD DAY! Everything seems to be going wrong, and when her brother eats the last chocolate biscuit, Mirabelle finally loses her temper, with dramatic consequences! Will Mirabelle be able to turn her bad day around?

Mirabelle Breaks the Rules Small

Mirabelle Breaks the Rules

Coming February 2021 (UK)

Mirabelle’s mum is a witch, her dad is a fairy, and she is a bit of both.
When Mirabelle goes off to witch school she promises not to cause any mischief . . .
The only trouble is, causing mischief is one of her favourite things to do. Can Mirabelle and her best friend, Carlotta, put her mischief-making right by home time?

Mirabelle Gets Up to Mischief cover

Mirabelle Gets up to Mischief

First Published July 2020 (UK)

Meet Mirabelle. Her mum is a witch and her dad is a fairy, and Mirabelle is a bit of both. She likes casting spells with her fairy wand and flying around on her witchy broomstick, but most of all, the thing she really, really likes to do, is cause mischief. And in Mirabelle Gets up to Mischief, she does just that!

Emerald series

Meet Isadora Moon’s mermaid friend, Emerald!

Emerald and the Royal Runaway

Coming August 2024 (Softcover, UK)

The palace are busy preparing for a very important visit from another royal family, The Seadragons, so Emerald must be on her best, most princess-like behaviour.

When Prince Mola Seadragon takes a Manta Ray from the royal stable and runs away, Emerald follows and discovers they have much more in common than she thought…

Emerald and the Lost Treasure

First Published March 2024 (Softcover, UK)

Emerald’s class are spending the day sea combing-picking up human rubbish that ends up on the ocean floor.

When Emerald finds a precious teddy lying in a clump of seaweed, she’s tempted to keep it for herself, but the tag says it belongs to a human called Jack.

Emerald asks her land-loving friend, Isadora Moon, and Isadora’s cousin, Mirabelle, to help her return it and together they embark on an exciting adventure across the land and sea!

Fun fact: This is the first time that Emerald, Isadora Moon and Mirabelle all appear together in the same book!

Emerald and the Sea Sprites coverEmerald and the Sea Sprites

First Published August 2023 (Softcover, UK)

When Emerald and her stepsister, Delphina, sneak out of the palace in search of sea sprites they know it isn’t strictly ‘perfect mermaid princess’ behaviour, but they can’t resist!

Far from Scallop City they discover a glimmering coral reef. And nestled in the reef are three little shimmering sea sprites . . .

Fun fact: Harriet loves dolls’ houses and miniature objects, which is why both Emerald and Isadora Moon have their own dolls’ houses as well!

Emerald and the Ocean Parade coverEmerald and the Ocean Parade

First Published March 2023 (Hardcover, UK); September 2023 (Softcover, UK)

Emerald is learning how to be a mermaid princess, but she doesn’t feel like one at all. She’s not very good at waving to crowds and royal headdresses just aren’t her thing – her hair is too spiky and wild. Emerald’s wriggly pet octopus, Inkibelle, doesn’t much like living at the royal palace either.
The annual Ocean Parade is coming up. Will Emerald be brave enough to be a mermaid princess but do it her own, special way?

Fun fact: the softcover edition of Emerald and the Ocean Parade is the last book in the Isadora Moon series to feature glitter elements on the cover. Future books feature more environmentally-friendly foiled elements instead.

Picture Books

The first three books by Harriet Muncaster were actually picked up by American publishers. These are picture books aimed at a slightly younger audience than Isadora Moon. You can see Harriet’s love of all things miniature in all three of these titles!

The Biggest Smallest Christmas Present by Harriet Muncaster cover

The Biggest Smallest Christmas Present

First Published October 2016 (USA)

Clementine is a teeny-tiny girl who lives with her average-sized family. It’s mostly fun being the smallest, but Christmas can be tricky. Santa brings beautiful toys, but they are too big for this little girl.

Every year, Clementine tries to tell Santa she’s small. But the cookies she ices with a message to Santa are eaten, and the words she stamps out on the roof are covered by fresh snow. It’ll take a whole lot of Christmas spirit for Clementine to find the right way to reach Santa–and when she does, she just might get the toy of her dreams!

Happy Halloween Witch's Cat by Harriet Muncaster cover

Happy Halloween, Witch’s Cat!

First Published July 2015 (USA)

A little girl believes her mother is a good witch, and she is a special witch’s cat. Together, they’re out to find the perfect Halloween costume. But what could be better than being a witch’s cat?

To create the whimsical world of Witch’s Cat, author-illustrator Harriet Muncaster handcrafted miniature three-dimensional scenes using paper, foil, fabric, and other materials, then photographed them for a truly magical look.

I am a witch's cat cover by Harriet Muncaster

I Am a Witch’s Cat

First Published July 2014 (USA)

A little girl believes her mother is a good witch–and she is a special witch’s cat! After all, every good witch needs a black cat. Together, this playful girl and her loving mom are a perfect twosome, whether they are mixing potions, growing magical plants, or dreaming of wild broomstick rides under a full moon.

Fun fact: Harriet created the pictures in this book by making model scenes out of paper, cardboard and other crafting materials and then photographing them, a technique she first experimented with during her Master’s Degree in Children’s Book Illustration.