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The Isadora Moon Guide to Writing Stories
Isadora Moon Guide to Story Writing Front Cover
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This practical step-by-step guide to writing stories uses examples from the Isadora Moon books to show children how they can create their own stories. It does not require children to already be familiar with Isadora Moon, though enthusiasm for the books could be helpful. Individual activities could be adapted from the guide for classroom use, or the whole guide could be adapted into a longer project over several weeks.

Read about The Isadora Moon Guide to Writing Stories in this blog post.

Isadora Moon Story Dice and the Isadora Moon Story Dice for Teachers PowerPoint
Isadora Moon Story Dice preview
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Isadora Moon Story Dice for Teachers PowerPoint Preview
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Here are some teaching ideas for using the Story Dice. These are included in the presentation, along with some ideas for Stretch and Challenge and Differentiation:

  • Whole Class Starter Activity—Roll the dice (volunteers could do this). As a class, children volunteer line-by-line suggestions for a story using all the rolled pictures.
  • Individual Writing Activity—Every child writes a story using the same stimulus pictures from the dice. At the end, compare all the different stories that came from the same pictures. 
  • Group Storyboard ActivityPreparation: introduce your class to the concept of a storyboard using examples from film production or comics/graphic novels. Activity: Split the class into groups. Give each group a set of five story dice. They are allowed to roll each die twice. Working together, each group must agree a plot using all the pictures they rolled. They will then convey this plot in a series of panels using a mixture of words and pictures. At the end, each group presents their storyboard to the class.
What sort of school would you go to? – writing/creative stimulus activity
What sort of school would you go to - Isadora Moon activity preview
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In Isadora Moon Goes to School, Isadora must decide which school suits her best. She tries both Fairy School and Vampire school, with their very different timetables. In this activity, children look at the fairy and vampire school timetables, then create their own fantasy school timetable. The activity could be expanded to encourage pupils to think about different genres of writing: they could create prospectuses, adverts or posters for their fantasy schools, or write a story set in a magical school.

 Magical creatures in Isadora Moon – Story stimulus activity
Magical creatures in Isadora Moon - Story stimulus activity preview
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This activity is suitable for slightly older primary school children. In the Isadora Moon series, Harriet Muncaster features her own versions of many well-known mythical creature. The information in this sheet serves as a starting point for children to research how Harriet has adapted these legends to suit the world of her stories. At the end, children are tasked with imagining their own encounter with a mythical creature. A series of prompt questions help them develop their ideas into a complete and compelling narrative.

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