Free and Famous – Victoria Stitch Book 2

I am so, so excited that the second Victoria Stitch book Victoria Stitch: Free and Famous is now out in the world! I have put my heart and soul into this book and I think it’s possibly my favourite book I have ever written. Although the first Victoria Stitch book is also extremely close to my heart so maybe I can’t decide!

Victoria Stitch Free and Famous Back Cover

I really enjoyed being able to write a book where the reader gets to see Victoria Stitch interacting in the human world! After all, when I very first created Victoria Stitch, she was a tiny character in a big human world. I loved being able to draw her in relation to ‘human’ objects!

Victoria Stitch Pencil Pot

Like this pencil pot!

Victoria Stitch in a teacup

And this teacup!

Vicrtoria Stitch with a pot of sequins

This pot of sequins too!

Victoria Stitch with Naomi

And with her human friend… who I won’t say any more about in case of spoilers!

Victoria Stitch: Free and Famous is out now and you can buy it from any good bookshop, or order it online here. You can learn more about how I created Victoria Stitch in this blog post.

With love and diamond dust… Harriet Muncaster X