Creating Victoria Stitch

Victoria Stitch Bad and Glittering is my first middle grade book. It came out in September 2020 and it’s the book that I am the most proud of. It was quite a beast to write, definitely a lot different from Isadora Moon, and it took me a long time!

Victoria Stich: Bad and Glittering front cover

The early days of Victoria Stitch

I actually created Victoria Stitch 15 years ago, when I was 19! She’s always been my most special character that I’ve taken through life with me because she just embodies everything I love: glamour, glitter, gothic-ness. AND she’s miniature sized! I have ALWAYS known I wanted to get a book about her published.

Victoria Stitch with jar of stars
Victoria Stitch loves to sparkle

When I very first created her however, Victoria Stitch wasn’t a wiskling exactly like she is now. She started as just a very naughty fairy type character in an unpublished book I wrote when I was 19. Here’s her very first incarnation. She had pink hair and she’s got a crown because she has always been obsessed with being queen.

The original VS book by Harriet Muncaster
The very first Victoria Stitch book

As the years went on Victoria Stitch developed. Here is her second incarnation:

The second incarnation of VS
The second incarnation of Victoria Stitch

She has always been a very angry, passionate character. Her story has always been about wanting to be Queen. Wanting to be seen! Here she is having a tea party on top of a human dressing table in the second (unpublished) Victoria Stitch book that I wrote. Look what she’s written in the mirror in lipstick!

VS having a tea party on a human dressing table
Victoria Stitch having a tea party
VS(second version) page spread
Victoria Stitch always wanted to be Queen!

Actually in this book she was so naughty that she ended up getting baked in a cupcake at the end of the book!

VS baked in a cupcake

Here she is a little more developed again! I was more into sketchy looking pen and ink at this time! This version of Victoria Stitch is what inspired me to create Isadora Moon! But that’s a whole other story… 

VS 3rd incarnation
The third incarnation of Victoria Stitch

Eventually, after many years, Victoria Stitch reached her final incarnation as a wiskling:

Victoria Stitch as a wiskling

The creation of wisklings

I created wisklings a bit later than the character of Victoria Stitch at a time when I really wanted to invent my own species of tiny people that was all my own. It happened in a roundabout way. I have always liked having a miniature ‘mascot’ to take around with me. Exploring the world through a miniature person’s eyes is kind of like therapy for me in a weird way. I love the idea of having a tiny secret little magical person to put in my pocket and make tiny things for and take on tiny adventures!

Eight years ago I decided I wanted to create my own species of tiny person. So after a lot of thought and fine tuning I invented wisklings! Wisklings’ defining features are:

  • Pointed ears.
  • Black tipped noses,
  • Super long eyelashes (like whiskers!)
  • Antennae that can spark
  • They are tiny! No more than 5 inches high.
  • They are born from crystals (from the one crystal cave in Wiskling Wood)
The wiskling crystal keeper in Victoria Stitch Bad and Glittering
The crystal keeper looks after the Crystal Cave in Wiskling Wood
  • They use wands to do magic which are made from their birth crystal (birth crystal is very important to wisklings)
  • They can get around by flying on ‘blooms’ (flowers) or ‘leaves.’
  • A magical place called Wiskling Wood is their home. It is a beautiful place protected from humans and animals by a magic boundary wall.
The Map of Wiskling Wood
The map of Wiskling Wood

Celestine flying through Wiskling Wood

Once I had created this world, the first thing I wanted to do was make a tiny wiskling in 3D! Here is the first wiskling I made back in 2012. I called her Celestine because I loved the name and I had a great time taking her on adventures! I loved the idea that she was a tiny wiskling who had come to visit me in the human world.

Celestine as a 3D wiskling mascot
My first wiskling mascot, Celestine

Combining the worlds of Victoria Stitch and wisklings

In my head Celestine had a whole backstory back in Wiskling Wood. I envisaged her as a very ‘golden’ sort of character. Kind and good. After coming across some exquisite tiny necklaces at a miniatures fair, I decided that she would be a jewellery designer. I made her whole miniature bedroom in my dollshouse castle, all gold and covered with gems! And that is how the character of Celestine in my book Bad and Glittering began!

Celestine's miniature wiskling bedroom
Celestine’s miniature bedroom

I loved the idea of wisklings and their world SO much that I decided after a while that Victoria Stitch who I had already created five years earlier was also a wiskling and I loved the idea of her being Celestine’s twin. I really wanted to bring her into the world somehow as she was my other great passion.

Celestine and Victoria Stitch
Celestine and Victoria Stitch are twin sisters

Becoming Queen was ALWAYS central to Victoria Stitch’s story and so I mashed that story up with my vision of wiskling world and that’s how the story for Bad and Glittering began! And now that story is finally published:

Victoria Stitch Bad and Glittering

Moonlight and sunshine.
Dark and sweet.
Bad and glittering.

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