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I’ve finally got myself a website sorted (with a LOT of help from my husband Henry – thank you!) and now it’s time to make a more ‘professional’ blog. Those of you who have been following me for a while may already have read my Victoria Stitch blog  which I’ve been posting on for…  wow nine years!! I’m not planning on abandoning that blog but I  will keep it as more of a personal one. This one is for posting about Isadora Moon,  my work as an author/illustrator, my events, and other professional-type stuff. My first post is going to be about some wonderful Isadora Moon fan stories I got in the post the other day!

Letter from Elizabeth Woodville School

Elizabeth Woodville School

Danielle is a teacher at Elizabeth Woodville School, which I’m visiting in October.  You can read her blog here. She and her class have been great supporters of Isadora Moon over the last year.  Here is just the latest tweet from her class:

EWS Isadora Moon potion making

It’s been wonderful to hear about all the exciting projects they’ve been doing inspired by their reading of Isadora Moon, and so I was especially excited to receive a stack of the fan stories they’ve been writing based on the idea of Isadora turning human for a day. There were too many brilliant pieces of writing to put up, but here are just a selection of extracts that stood out to me:


I love the idea of this mysterious creature appearing under the bed to splash a potion on her. I also love the word ‘krikity’. It might not be in the dictionary, but it deserves to be for being such a wonderfully descriptive combination of ‘creaky’ and ‘rickety’.

Isadora Moon as a human - story 1

Miss Moon

Here’s a dramatic moment where Isadora realises she has put a spell on herself to turn into a human, and now her friends don’t recognise her. I like how the girl who wrote this changes Isadora’s name to Izzy and Miss Moon to add variety.

Isadora Moon as a human - story 2

Mind blowing story

The bold opening to this story is great and lets you know you’re in for a real treat. I love how so many of the children in their stories really paid attention to the little details in Isadora Moon such as how this story talks about Honeyblossom crying loudly enough to wake Dad from his vampire-sleep.

Isadora Moon as a human - story 3


This is another one with a mysterious creature, but I like the creative set-up showing that Isadora needed to fit into a costume without any wing-holes, which is why being human would be an advantage. The shock of Isadora realising what has happened when she sees herself in the mirror really comes across here. 

Isadora Moon as a human - story 4

MMA angel

Last up is this one. I love hearing the different ideas that children use their imagination to come up with, which would never occur to an adult. In this story, Isadora gets blown into a tree by a gust of wind. As if that wasn’t enough, she is then visited by an angel, who is going to turn her into a human. But this isn’t just any angel: it’s an angel who knew MMA (that’s Mixed Martial Arts fighting, by the way – had to look that one up!)

Isadora Moon as a human - story 5

It looks like my ‘Meet the author’ visit with Elizabeth Woodville School in October will be more like a ‘Meet the authors’ day! I can’t wait! 

And don’t forget, I can visit your school too. See my school visits page or contact my events coordinator Henry for more information.

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